About Us

Kansas City Lice RemovalMiracle Sisters is certified through The Shepherd Institute, the only nationally recognized lice removal training program in the world.  To date they have certified some 150 companies and those seeking to learn under their direction have come from as far away as Sweden and Switzerland. Through proper training and certification, Miracle Sisters are able to offer effective and timely treatment methods; ensuring Kansas City families are back in school lice free.  While other companies hang a shingle and boast skills that have no bearing on lice removal, Miracle Sisters continues to keep abreast of the most current lice information and in doing so help educate the families they help as well. There is no magical short cut to removing lice- it just doesn’t exist. It requires a methodical approach that ensures that all hair and scalp has been examined or the problem will continue to exist. Equally important is properly educating families so that they can work with us to ensure a quick end to the reoccurring cycle of head lice in our community.

Miracle Sisters is proud to be a part of the team of Lice Removal Professionals whose goal is to make a difference in their communities.  The Shepherd Institute is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization which works closely with several universities, pharmaceuticals and research organizations alike. Almost every new product on the market was tested in one of their facilities and they have the only published book in the world on current lice information and proper lice removal techniques. Their global outreach arm has help children as far away as remote villages of Cambodia. It’s this level of expertise that provides certified sites with ongoing lice education.

Anyone can obtain a business license, but while others may advertise that they treat head lice, Miracle Sisters took the time to be properly trained and certified in head lice removal.  Miracle Sisters provides head lice removal services that parents can rely on!

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