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•Come in with clean, dry hair. Hair should not be wet or have any products in your hair including, mousse, gel, hairspray, conditioner, etc..

•Brush or comb hair before arrival. Hair must be tangle free!

•Bring an extra shirt just for peace of mind. You may change into this before you leave. This ensures that you leave in a clean lice free shirt. Wearing a button down shirt will be easier to remove after treatment.

•Bring a new or cleaned hair tie or band. Hair will be pulled back before leaving the facility.

•Treatment requires sitting still in a chair for at least an hour and a half up and possibly as long as three hours. Bring a favorite DVD, book or toy to help pass the time.

•We have snacks and drinks, but you may want to bring you or your child’s favorite food to snack on.

•Bring all people living with you. We HIGHLY recommend everyone in your household be checked for lice otherwise you have HIGH likelihood of reoccurrence.

•Come with an open mind. Do not stress about the house cleaning. We will provide you with instructions and answers of what to do after treatment.


•Children are welcome in our office at all times, however, for their safety, we ask that no children be left unattended at any time.

•Relax, watch a movie, read a book and allow us to check every strand of your hair and remove any lice and nits. We will try to make this process as enjoyable or relaxing as possible.

•Educate yourself while in our facility. You will have plenty of time to learn all about lice. We will have reading materials and we will be available to answer any and all of your questions. The more educated you are the less likelihood of reoccurrence.

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