“These ladies were so friendly and took an experience that so many think of as a gross “nightmare” and made it just a quick dream. Some say once lice is in your house it can feel like you will never get rid of them. But with their removal technique and at home care advice we were able to quickly get rid of them. Although you hope you never experience lice I would highly recommend these ladies if you ever do get a visit from these little bugs!”

Kim, Prairie Village KS

“I was exhausted. Several days I had spent four hours a day cutting lice out of my sweet daughter’s hair. And it wasn’t going away. Then I got it! Tired, embarrassed and depressed, I found out about Miracle Lice from our school nurse. We went, and in three hours we were both lice-free! The staff and atmosphere was so friendly, my daughter didn’t want to stop visiting! They gave me my peace of mind back.”

Melissa, Olathe KS

“The girls were so wonderful in helping my daughter understand that she wasn’t the only kid to have lice. The salon is kept very clean and inviting. They provided us with information on how to stay lice free from now on. I would recommend them to anyone!! .”

Carrie, Shawnee, KS”

“One day I figured out why my son’s head was so very itchy… not dandruff. My husband was out of town and I have five kids. It was PANIC time. I called the doctor. I went to CVS. I kept them home from school and we all sat around with “Nix” and mayonnaise on our shower-capped heads. The washing machine was in overdrive with sheets, blankets, pillowcases and anything else we had touched.

These ladies spent the afternoon with us and I learned A LOT about what IS and is NOT necessary to effectively get rid of the nasty little things. I really feel like they saved us a ton of aggravation. They are impeccably thorough and lots of fun to be around. I should know. We spent a lot of time together. With the sisters’ help, we got rid of our problem within days. It can linger indefinitely if you don’t know what you’re doing. I now know what to look for and we do frequent “head checks.” No recurrence so far but if it does happen, we know how to fight back.

I have recommended them to other parents in our school and I highly recommend them to anybody who discovers they have this yucky, but prevalent problem.”

Thankful in Prairie Village

“The school nurse called, my daughter had lice. What the heck?!!! I went out, bought all the stuff to use, cleaned the house like crazy, put Vaseline all over my  son’s head and spent 3.5 hours combing my daughter’s hair with the lice comb that came in the kit.  I had no one to check my head.  The next day, the school nurse called and said that we still had nits, and I had a son whose hair looked like Elvis Presley.   I was so frustrated!  I called the Miracle Sisters more than once, asking different questions in a series of panics.  They weren’t frustrated with me for the multiple phone calls – I would have been.  I didn’t know if I wanted to spend that much money, but then I thought about how much I had already spent and how much more I was going to spend not even knowing if it was going to be gone.  I did it, we went out there and the ladies that worked on all of us were so laid back and probably used to the psychosis that comes along with lice.  You feel like you just can’t clean enough and you can’t check heads enough.  I felt more in control after the first visit, better after the 1st check and 100% after the second.

My advice is if you get lice – don’t even go to the drug store go straight to Miracle Sisters, let them take care of your heads and you take care of the house….PEACE OF MIND!!!!!”

Janet Midtown, KCMO

“All I can say is THANK YOU! After our lice experience three years ago, you are indeed a miracle.Would love to see you open some more shops… maybe in Olathe. You can be sure that I will let everyone know about you and the feeling of hope you have given us when it comes to those pesky, nasty bugs. We thank you for doing what you do.”

K and A in Olathe, KS

“My daughter says “They really are a miracle! My head doesn’t itch anymore.” As a mom I am thrilled you took the “stress” out of a stressful situation.”

Jenny  in  Shawnee, KS

“I can’t thank you all enough for doing what you do!!  You were truly a God-send.  You have excellent customer service, the salon is very clean and everyone was just so friendly and patient with all of our many questions.  I won’t hestitate to recommend you (I already have) and can’t say thank you enough!!”

Janet Walbert, Lenexa, KS

“Everybody at Miracle Sisters was friendly and made us comfortable, and we are now lice-free! Thank you!”

Sara, Lees Summit, MO

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