Facts of Lice

Embarrassed? Don’t be!

The only time to be embarrassed about head lice is if you don’t do anything about it.  It will never go away without treatment.  The truth of the matter is everyone will probably come in contact with head lice in their lifetime.  It has absolutely nothing to do with how clean your house is and nothing to do with your personal hygiene.  Head lice actually prefer clean hair.   We are excited to offer family and child services in the Kansas City. We are trained and certified in “The Shepherd Method TM “ of Strand by Strand Nit removal.

Consider these myths:

1.People with head lice have dirty hair.

False. Lice actually prefer clean, healthy hair. It’s much easier for nits to attach to clean hair.

2.Head Lice have wings and can fly/jump.

False. Head lice crawl and are most commonly spread by head-to-head contact.

3.Over-the-counter products are always safe.

False. Many products on the market contain toxic pesticides.

4.Once you have lice, you’re less likely to get them again.

False. Lice leave a scent that actually attracts other lice, telling them you are a good food/blood source.

Additionally you are back in the same circle of friends where ongoing contact is sure to exist.

5.You can wash lice away and drown them if you scrub your hair good or wash your hair often.

False. Lice hold their breath for up to two hours and lock claw-like legs onto the hair.

Be a Friend Tell a Friend

Be a Friend, Tell A Friend.    Be sure to notify all of the people that have been in contact with the person that currently has lice. Keep the infested person away from others during this time period and notify anyone that has been in contact with them! Battling head lice is an annoying inconvenience for everyone!! Tell People and be Proactive.  Be a friend and tell others to have their hair checked!! Notify the coaches of the sports teams, school nurses, scouts, church, daycare and anyone else you or the infested person has had recent contact with. Symptoms usually don’t develop for 7 to 10 days after infestation and sometimes much longer. Don’t let it escalate or continue to spread.  You must understand that telling others is a necessary process to ensure that the lice do not continue to spread back to you or your loved one.  You or your child came in contact with head lice somewhere and will surely spread it to others by the time you realize you or your child even has it. Treating yourself and or your children and then returning them to lice-infested environment would not be beneficial for anyone. Communicate with your friends and family and help put an end to this never-ending cycle. We care about you and your family, and are always available to answer your questions or to alleviate your fears.


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