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Guess what else we offer?!

27 January

If you thought that we couldn’t possibly do anything more to help the families of our communities deal with and prevent lice you thought wrong! Not only do we offer checks, treatments, and follow up checks but we ALSO offer school-wide head checks! These checks are provided by us through your school or daycare and only cost a dollar per head! We will show up at a designated time and check each student one by one in a discreet yet efficient way. If evidence of lice is found we will tape said evidence to a business card and send the card home with your child. No one but the teacher and our staff will know which child/children are found with head lice. This service is extremely helpful when a school seems to be having constant break out issues and cant seem to find the source. We will be checking whole grades at a time and can even manage the whole school in a timely manner. This meaning no student will be overlooked or unchecked. After these checks occur and the children with lice are identified and treated properly the school remains clean and out breaks can finally stop being an issue at that school. If this sounds like a dream service and you think your child’s school or daycare would benefit from a visit from the Miracle Sisters just give us a call!

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