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11 September

Day after day we see the same thing happening. Parents (sounding stressed out to the max) call to say that they have had it up to here with lice and that they would like to make an appointment. Ok, great. We schedule them, they come in and we treat them. But they always always ask us […]

Super sisters?

06 September

if you have never heard of professional lice removal salons or professional lice removal technicians you may  think to yourself “who on earth would EVER want that job?!” Well actually we may have had our reservations in the beginning, however, today we at Miracle Sisters Lice Removal think of ourselves as super heros! Removing lice […]

Our Treatment Technique

11 July

We are trained and certified in the Shepherd Method™ of strand-by-strand head lice removal, a safe effective process that ensures all hair has been examined. We use safe, non-toxic solutions, the most effective lice comb available and mint based “lice-prevention” products.

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