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11 September

Day after day we see the same thing happening. Parents (sounding stressed out to the max) call to say that they have had it up to here with lice and that they would like to make an appointment. Ok, great. We schedule them, they come in and we treat them. But they always always ask us the same question. “Why does my child still have lice? I’ve treated her with the stuff from Walgreens?” We wish we had a better answer to tell them but the truth is those products just are not working like they used to. The bugs are becoming immune to the chemical treatments and they are not dying. Its sad that parents are almost tricked into thinking that they can get rid of their child’s lice at home just by using the over the counter drugs on them. I mean, the boxes say that they kill the bugs and nits! Not to mention that these things are completely toxic and we wouldn’t even suggest them if they were the last thing on earth. So basically parents are coming into our office pretty upset that they have to spend time and money on something in the stores and then turn around and spend more money on our services. In a perfect world we would be your first choice because in essence, if you come to our office as soon as you see a bug, see your child scratching, or hear about an outbreak at school, then you would essentially be catching it early and would then take less time to be treated and end up costing you less. We are asked 1,000 questions every day but the reason I’ve chosen to blog specifically about this question is because its probably the most asked and the most simply answered. It may sound like we are just pushing our business and bashing the at home stuff but in reality you can ask other parents yourself and would most likely get the exact same response. They all come to us after treating and still have bugs. We cant blame you for using those products because that’s pretty much the go-to solution. Its the first thing that comes into your mind when you get lice. Our goal is to become well known and hopefully parents will use us as a first option and stop using the chemicals all together. That way we wont have to keep answering the “WHY, WHY, WHY” question and will get to say ‘congrats, your clean!” more often!

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