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The Myths Stop Here!

10 September

Miracle Sisters Lice Removal is the first of its kind in Kansas City. So as you can imagine there were tons and tons of myths we needed to bust. If you have found yourself doing crazy things to keep lice away or rid yourself of them in general, and ever thought “this just cant be right” then this blog post may be of help to you.

1.) I am less susceptible to Head lice because I frequently blow dry/flat iron my hair.

FALSE! Lice can not tell that you use a blow dryer or flat iron on your hair just by looking at you. Lice travel by scent. If you smell like a good feeding source (having blood) then they will be attracted to you thus wanting to crawl over to your hair.

2.) Lice is a sign that you are dirty and have poor hygiene.

FALSE! Lice prefer to live on clean hair because it makes it easier to move around. However, keeping good personal hygiene and paying attention to your hair will help you realize sooner that you have contracted a louse, thus being able to take care of the problem sooner and easier.

3.) RID, NIX, and other over-the-counter treatment shampoos are all I need to do to be rid of lice.

FASLE FALSE FALSE! This can be your biggest down fall if you believe this to be true. Not only are the lice becoming immune to these chemical treatments, but they are also falsely advertising the fact that they kill the nits. Nothing on the market has been proven to successfully  kill nits. The key to being clean and clear of lice is to COMB out all the nits and bugs. Combing everything out grantees that you have a louse free head of hair.

4.) African American hair types do not contract lice.

False! We have treated at least a dozen clients with African American hair types. A lot of them were some of our most sever cases because due to this myth people are not checking for lice in their hair types. Anyone with blood in their body can get Head Lice!

5.) Putting Mayonnaise on my hair for 8 hours will rid me of lice completely.

FALSE! While smothering the bugs will kill them, it still doesn’t do anything for the nits (Louse eggs). You can use anything that is thick (Conditioner, olive oil, mayo, coconut oil, etc) just remember the all important next step, comb out all nits! until all nits are out the life cycle will continue and you will not be lice free.

6.) Men do not get lice.

FALSE! Although we don’t treat many men we cant say we don’t treat any at all. Its usually unlikely that the dads/husbands/boyfriends have it, but as we said before anyone with blood can be at risk for lice.

These are just a few of the many myths we have encountered throughout the 2 years we have been in operation. Hopefully this is helpful to everyone in need.

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