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Busy- with a Capitol B!

09 September

Being a clients of ours you are no stranger to the fact that we are constantly busy. You know that upon walking in our door you should expect to hear the voices of at least a hanfull of children and see lots of stressed out looking parents ( until they have been treated, that is.) if you have never been to Miracle Sister Lice Removal you may have the impression that a lice removal salon would be very slow and that Kansas does not have a lice problem. Quite opposite actually. Lice are literally everywhere. Wherever there are people to feed on lice will most likely be there. However, before we opened up and are slowly but surly changing the stigma put on having lice, people were hesitant to speak oF lice. We are always open and work for up to 10 hours a day. We have recently decided to extend hours due to our growing clientele. We are immensely thankful that we are number one in treating head lice in this area and we intend on keeping it that way!

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