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Super sisters?

06 September

if you have never heard of professional lice removal salons or professional lice removal technicians you may  think to yourself “who on earth would EVER want that job?!” Well actually we may have had our reservations in the beginning, however, today we at Miracle Sisters Lice Removal think of ourselves as super heros! Removing lice as a super power, you ask? Well just wait until your child is sent home with that dreaded note that he or she has lice. As you try for hours to coax your child to sit still and look straight and stay calm while you pick and comb out thousands of tiny bugs and nits from their hair. Soon enough you’ll think of us as almighty super heros. We get the pleasure every single day to change someone’s day and sometimes even life. People silently struggle with head lice for up to years at a time. Being there to sufficiently rid them of this struggle in a single day can be a life changer for sure. So for those of you who have never heard of us or been to our office, this may sound like a strange profession but when you need it there is nothing better! Just call us the susper sisters! Just kidding! We go by Miracle Sisters. We are always open with flexible hours and professionally trained and certified staff. put your trust in us as many people already have and we will not disappoint!

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